This Environmental Policy provides the framework for setting and reviewing environmental objectives and targets designed to deliver continual improvement in environmental performance. High Voltage Instruments Ltd. designs and manufactures high voltage electrical test equipment. The company operates from their site based in Guildford, but products are sold to all areas of the world.

High Voltage Instruments Ltd. recognises the need to ensure that future generations have access to a high-quality environment, to limit the impact of its activities on the environment and to work with our stakeholders to manage these appropriately.

High Voltage Instruments Ltd. is committed to:

  • The protection of the environment
  • Include the consideration of environmental issues in all business strategies and initiatives
  • The prevention of pollution and reduction of waste
  • Seek best practice in nuisance prevention
  • Encourage their stakeholder to reduce the environmental impacts of their own activities where applicable
  • Use local suppliers, where possible, in order to support the local economy and encourage growth and investment for future generations.
  • Measure their environmental performance
  • Comply with applicable legal requirements, statutory, legislation and relevant industry standards, ensuring operations are completed in accordance with them
  • Continually improve their processes to enhance environmental performance
  • Communicate and engage with their employees to ensure that all are aware of their individual responsibilities and commitments to achieve their environmental objectives

This policy is available to all employees and other interested parties on the company’s website.

High Voltage Instruments Ltd. reviews this policy annually to monitor its effectiveness and to ensure that it reflects changing needs and circumstances. This environmental policy has immediate effect and replaces all previous versions.