High Voltage Phase Comparator Kit

High Voltage Phase Comparators - Obsolete

The E45 Series High Voltage Phase Comparators are hand held, double pole devices used to determine the phase relationship between two energised conductors at the same nominal voltage and frequency.

Each High Voltage Phase Comparator standard kit comprises the following components housed within a purpose designed heavy duty carry satchel:

  • HV Phase Comparator
  • 2 off Handles
  • Polymer Cleaning Kit
  • Instruction Manual
  • Carry Satchel

The E45 High Voltage Phase Comparators have been designed for single person use both indoors and outdoors. Once assembled the unit should be tested using the purpose designed E4590 Proving Unit or a known high voltage source. When applied to the two high voltage sources under test the units will give clear indication of an “out of phase” condition.

Two versions are available:

  • Go/No Go type using audible/visual alarms for out of phase condition. Specific models are available for either 11kV or 33kV systems.
  • Direct reading meter indication with clear Red/Green bands for Out/In phase conditions. Specific models are available for 11kV or combined 11/33kV systems.

All models are signal driven and do not require arming or the use of batteries. A separate battery operated proving unit is available as an accessory.

Models available:

  • E4510: 11kV audible/visual indication
  • E4530: 33kV audible/visual indication
  • E4540: 11kV analogue meter
  • E4550: 11/33kV analogue meter

Accessories Available:

  • E4590: Proving Unit for all versions

Designed to comply with relevant IEC standards, E45 Series High Voltage Phase Comparators are available for use on system voltages up to 33kV.

Key Features

  • Simple to operate
  • Plug & Play design
  • Clear indication
  • No batteries required
  • Separate Proving unit available
  • Detachable handles for easy transport
  • Designed to VDE-0681 Part 5

Product Documents

This product and all its variants are no longer available. Instrument range has been replaced by our Wireless Phase Comparators series. While unable to provide new instruments, we will continue to recalibrate existing kits. All repairs will be subject to remaining spare parts stock.